Circuit - Silver - Vittorio Ubertone / Italy

The 2014 UIM Photo Competition

The 17th Annual UIM Photo Competition has been judged and the winners decided. James Wright, the Judging Panel Chairman commented on the competition, “Although the 2014 UM Photographic competition saw a slight decline in the number of entries in each category, the overall standard of submissions was much higher than previous years even with the absence of a few expected entrants. I really see this as a positive step forward and hope…

The start at Dubai

Arif and Nadir have the X Factor

2015 UIM XCAT WORLD SERIES – ROUND2 – RACE RESULTS T-Bone Station’s Giovanni Carpitella and Ahmed Al-Hameli led for the majority of today’s UIM XCAT World Series race in Dubai, before defending champions, Arif Saif Al-Zafeen and Nadir bin Hendi, began to close in after playing the long lap strategy perfectly in X Dubai. They sneaked through when the leading pair headed off for their long lap and managed to…