Veni Vidi Vici Victoria – UIM Class 3A WC

Veronica Olderin and Kristina Coleman drove a fine race to clinch a win in the uber competitive Class 3B class today. The Swedish lady racers retired in the first heat on Wednesday, the winners of that race, Fredrik Groth Fyrö and Hanna Thorén now lead the 3B World Championship with 700 points, a second placing today giving them 300 points to add to their score. 2015 UIM Class 3B World Championship…


Söderlind and Bobin separated by 5 seconds – UIM Class 3A WC

William Söderlind and Marcus Grönvall took a UIM Class 3A heat 2 win today by just 5 seconds. Jack Bobin and Jamie White driving their Phantom 19G – Motorvated Racing kept the Swedes honest throughout with determination and speed in equal measure. Bobin commented afterwards, “I could make time up on the Hotshot boat on the tight turns, but they had the edge over me in straight line speed”. Söderlind…


Swedish Twister domination – UIM Class 3B WC

2015 UIM Class 3B World Championship – Heat One 1st) #B86 Sweden Fredrik Groth Fyrö and Hanna Thorén – Twister / Mercury 115 ProXS / 7 laps / 52.45 / 400 points 2nd) #B45 Sweden Sebastian Groth and Peter Groth – Twister / Mercury 115 ProXS / 7 laps / 52.50 / 300 points 3rd) #B87 Sweden Veronica Olderin and Kristina Coleman – Twister / Mercury 115 ProXS / 7 laps / 53.05 / 225 points 4th) #B2 Norway…


Swedish victory over the Brits – UIM Class 3A WC

The UIM Class 3A World Championships are being held in Oskarshamn, Sweden this week. Heat One got underway today in flat conditions under a blue sky and a hot sun. If the sun was hot, the competition was hotter – Jack Bobin and Jamie White driving their Phantom 19G, Motorvated Racing, scorched away from the green flag, keeping pace with the 3B catamaran’s who were racing on the same course…


A tale of two halves – Guernsey Powerboat Association

Article by Colin Clarke Race 5 Stanley Gibbons Investment 2015 Race Series Last weekend’s Guernsey Powerboat Association’s races can only be described as a tale of two halves both on the water and on dry land. The camaraderie that exists amongst the Club members of this passionate Powerboat Club is undoubtedly second to none. On the run in to the first turn mark on Saturday’s race Resolution Offshore (Ollie Duquemin/Clint Roberts)…


Carella clinches controversial French F1H20 win

The F1H20 promoter announced in 2014, we will not have any more races finishing under the yellow flag unless its a serious situation. Here in Evian on Lake Geneva, the huge crowd was robbed of a spectacular finish as the last five laps were completed under the yellow flag despite four drivers all vying for a podium place. The stoppage was caused by a collision between Emirates Racing Erik Stark…


Bligh’s Back!

Round 8 of the 2015 RYA P750 British Championship With his old boat and trusty co-driver Charlie Hatfield, Bligh Julius driving Team 33 – Multispark Racing Products won Round 8 of the 2015 RYA P750 British Championship at Southsea, Portsmouth. 2015 Championship leader James Tapp crashed out in the final, only for Julius to scorch round after the re start. ThunderCat World Champion, Sean Fisher is also regaining top form,…


Tapp continues his 2015 dominance – ThunderCat Racing

Round 7 of the 2015 RYA P750 British Championship James Tapp with co-driver Ed Redman, continued their total dominance of the 2015 ThunderCat season with another win at Southsea, Portsmouth driving Microlink / Ahmad Tea. Tapp and Redman won all but one of the heats they contested, being beaten by the ThunderCat World Champion, Sean Fisher in heat 4. Bligh Julius was forced to swap hulls after he noticed transom…


Al Hameli crashes out chasing a top six spot – UIM F1H20

Water conditions on Lake Geneva have been calm for two days, but come qualifying the race circuit roughed up. It was relatively incident free apart from Abu Dhabi’s David Del Pin spearing a turn mark before a lap had been completed on the first qualifying. After Q1 had been completed conditions were getting quite choppy as Sami Selio, Shaun Torrente, Philippe Chiappe, Jonas Andersson and Alex Carella battled for a…


RYA Powerboat Racing Review – Consultation details

As we reported on the 12th June (story), the RYA are to conduct an in depth review of its governance of Powerboat Racing. Led by Peter Cardy, reporting directly to the RYA Board, the review will encompass all elements of the sport from training and licenses to competitor participation and officials. Individuals will be invited to participate in the consultation in a number of ways, including personal interviews, facilitated discussion…